Reading and Understanding Food Labels

CHAPTER III – TIPS & GOOD PRACTICES : “Healthy habits for a healthier lifestyle”

Section 2 – Exercises aiming at teaching how to read food labels

To go a bit further on the first proposed exercise in the lesson plan. Please find below a sample cards to hand out cards to your students. On each card, specific personal diet characteristics are written (for example, a card will mention that the person carrying this card cannot eat nuts, is vegan, diabetic, cannot eat gluten, or does not eat pork…). According to that, the students will have to analyse the products that are in the classroom and check which ones they might or might not be able to eat.

The students can keep the cards they received during the second part of the exercise 1 and go grocery shopping taking into account what their cards were saying. They will have to ask themselves which products they could eat and if the ingredients they cannot ingest were easy to find on the labels.

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