Safe joined the 4th Shortfilm festival Filmdipeso

On 18 and 19 September, SAFE has participated in the Fourth Edition of the Shortfilm Festival of FilmdiPeso in Rome, presenting our TAO “Tackling Adolescent Obesity” Erasmus+ Project.

The festival grabs artists from all over the world, using cinema as a powerful communication tool to educate about food-related issues. This year, the festival rewarded “T-Gros” of Gautier Blazewick, French director, as the best film for the autobiographic story showing the issues related to obesity and bullying during high school. The director highlighted the importance of family support and friends to help overweight adolescents to integrate into society. Also, the film underlined the importance of teachers to avoid self-isolation from teenagers.

This year, the festival has included a high-level conference organised by the University of Sapienza, where experts from different backgrounds (doctors, psychologists, surgeons, and Ph.D. researchers) met to discuss the latest developments of obesity in Europe, worsened by the current COVID-19 pandemic. SAFE has presented the TAO project to the panel of experts, gathering consistent support for the initiative.

Here is the link to watch some of the selected films :