Short Film Festival Filmdipeso

The Fourth Edition of the Short Film Festival FilmdiPeso will happen on the

18th & 19th September 2020 in Latina, Italy

This Festival is organized by the Department of Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine and the Bariatric Center of Excellence – Sapienza University of Rome – Polo Pontino, in partnership with the City of Latina and the non-profit organization Amici Obesi, Villa Miralago Eating Behavior Health Center and SAFE – Safe Food Advocacy Europe.

The mission of the Festival is to disclose the social, psychological and interpersonal impact of obesity and eating disorders on teenagers and adults.

The formal acknowledgment and recognition of obesity and eating disorders as diseases allows not only to approach new treatment opportunities but also to dismantle prejudices and misconceptions. The Short Film Festival aims to provide a fresh broader look at food and nutrition, at correct information and at improving quality of life.

The Festival aims to present stories and documentaries addressing the complexity of the issues stated in our mission.

Here is the official list of selected short films:

Classic cooking (AUS – 6’23″)

by Daniel Go

Favoletta Ericina (ITA – 3’17″)

by Andrea Marchese

Food dealer (USA – 7’14″)

by Jamirik McLeod

Fuor d’acqua (ITA – 5’55″)

by Alessandro Marano

Geminis (ARG – 8’)

by Pablo Fritzler

Ho fame (ITA – 7’47”)

by Mattia Filice

Il Luciaiuolo (ITA – 8’)

by Joe Nappa

Inhuman (FRA – 4’50”)

by Léa Rouaud

La ricetta della mamma (ITA – 15’)

by Dario Piana

Mancacioasa (USA – 3’14″)

by Roxana Baloiu

My Queen (ARG – 10’46″)

by Marlene Grinberg

Occhio alla spesa (ITA – 8’39″)

by Francesco Bianco

Terre di mezzo (ITA – 11’52″)

by Maria Conte

TGROS (FRA– 20’)

by Gautier Blazewick

Vongole in inverno (ITA – 5’)

by Andrej Chinappi

When the fat girl gets skinny (USA – 4’)

by Abby Thompson

The selected films will be screened in two afternoon sessions on Friday the 18th of September (16:30-22:00) and Saturday the 19th September 2020 (16:30-22:00).

Gianfranco Pannone, the president of the Jury, will award the Premio Città di Latina (City of Latina Award) and the Menzione speciale (Special mention) on the 19th of September 2020 at the end of the screening of the selected short films.

Here is the beautiful poster of the Festival:

You can downdload it here: