Where to seek help for discrimination and bullying?

Seek support from friends you trust

If the person bullying you realises that you have support, they are more likely to stop. The person has more and more difficulty dealing with a group.

Get support from parents or teachers

Perhaps you were already looking for personal conversation, but it did not turn out the way you expected.

You can ask your parents or teachers for help. Be open and honest and ask for advice and help. The topic of bullying is often discussed in class and in many cases it has already helped.

Talk to a helpline

Do you sometimes feel that nobody in your family or friends can help you with your problems? You can sometimes have issues with your parents or at school. Talking to someone who can give you tips and advice without prejudice can be really helpful in these circumstances.

Most European countries have helplines for young people, which are completely anonymous and without obligation.

You can find the helpline for your country on the “Mental Health Europe” website. https://www.mhe-sme.org/library/youth-helplines/

Here you will discover more tips and advice on how to deal with bullying.

The advantage of helplines is that you can speak to someone who does not know you and is looking at the situation from the outside. Sometimes the opinion of someone who is not directly involved is helpful. You can get names of people who can help you on the spot.

And always remember: It is okay to get help

Professional support

If you feel that you are overwhelmed by the whole situation and you do not know what to do, we recommend that you get help from a therapist. This person can help you analyse situations and can work with you on how to defend yourself in a non-violent way. If you want, this person can also talk to your parents and/or teachers and explain your situation to them.

The most important thing is that you get help and do something about it.

No one has the right to mistreat you or others. Always remember that. This also applies to others who are bullied or discriminated against. If you observe or see this, support these people as you would like to be supported.

The Asociación Nacional de Personas Obesas (ASEPO) is willing to help us to disseminate this project. 

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