Personal test – Relationship with your body

* This test does not have correct or incorrect answers. It is your personal reflection to have a better understanding about your relationship with your body, thus to give you some useful advice.

* You may need a pen and a small piece of paper to note down your points.

1) Get on the scale and note that you weigh a few extra pounds, how do you feel? 

a. There are no problems (0 points) 

b. Discouraged (1 point) 

c. You do not eat (2 points) 

2) If someone offends you by your physical appearance, you: 

a. Suffer a lot and you cry (2 points) 

b. Remain ill (1 point) 

c. Remain indifferent (0 points) 

3) At the sea: 

a. You have no problem (0 points) 

b. You never go there (2 points)

c. You are ashamed and I always try to cover myself (1 point) 

4) According to you, how many defects your face has? 

a. There are too many defects (2 points) 

b. No defect (0 points) 

c. Less than two (1 point) 

5) Do you like the photos? 

a. I am very photogenic (2 points) 

b. I don’t get photographed (0 points) 

c. I don’t like myself in photos (1 point) 

6) When you look at yourself in the mirror, what is your feeling? 

a. Positive (2 points) 

b. Neither positive or negative (1 point) 

c. Negative (0 points)

 7) Do you wear clothes that can hide the shapes of your body? 

a. Never (0 points) 

b. Often or always (2 points) 

c. Sometimes (1 point) 

8) You are ashamed of your body? 

a. Sometimes (1 point)

b. Often or always (2 points)  

c. Never (0 points) 

9) Do you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror? 

a. Sometimes (1 point) 

b. Never (0 points) 

c. Often or always (2 points) 

10) Do you feel derided for your physical appearance? 

a. Sometimes (1 point) 

b. Often or always (0 points) 

c. Never (2 points) 

11) Would you like to change something in your body? 

a. No (0 points) 

b. Absolutely yes (2 points) 

c. Partly (1 point) 

12) How much does your physical appearance affect your way of being? 

a. Not at all (0 points) 

b. A little (1 point) 

c. A lot (2 point)


Score from 0-14: 

You love your body and you do not give much importance to defects that could be there. You like yourself as you are and you do not judge others. Live a beautiful experience that leads you to be free to feel emotions and positive sensations. There may be moments of ups and downs, but you live with full awareness and for which you then try to find your inner and outer balance. In this way, you can build self-esteem, so you often feel comfortable with yourself and others. 

Score from 15-24: 

The relationship you have with your body is not the best. Sometimes, you are strict with yourself and when you look at yourself you always try to find all the defects, without appreciating the actual beauty of your body. You need to listen more to your body and let it express its needs. Try to be more tolerant and appreciate yourself more, perfection does not exist.

The Asociación Nacional de Personas Obesas (ASEPO) is willing to help us to disseminate this project. 

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