Hey! Welcome to TAO & Lamy’s platform, the two most incredible characters you’ll ever meet.

They know everything about nutrition, but not just that! Thanks to their tips and tricks, you will learn how to eat healthy, to become more physically active, as well as to be conscious of your body and mind.

Through this platform, TAO & Lamy hope to:

  • stress the multiplicity of factors leading to obesity,
  • provide teachers with the adequate pedagogical means to help teenagers struggling with eating disorders,
  • give tools to have healthy eating habits, a regular physical activity and a mental well-being,
  • destigmatising obesity and overweightness to reduce the cases of school bullying,
  • improve school environment to facilitate the integration of every person with the creation of safe zones for instance,
  • and achieve many other goals!
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Where to seek help for discrimination and bullying?
Where to seek help for discrimination and bullying?

Seek support from friends you trust If the person bullying you realises that you have support, they are more likely to stop. The person has […]

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Here you can find useful resourses such as teaching materials, lesson plans, etc. to effectively help your students learn about nutritions and develop a healthy lifestyles. But not just that, you can also share your experience and best practices with other teachers and learn from their experience as well.