Menu hebdomadaire n°2 : le régime durable

BREAKFAST Soya drink/ Organic milk, wholemeal bread and sugar-free jamOrganic milk + breakfast cerealsChoice of drink + bread with chickpea hummusYoghurt with chopped hazelnuts and a pearSoy drink/organic milk, wholemeal bread and almond creamMilk and breakfast cerealsSoy drink/organic milk, carrot cupcake
SNACKSmoothieRaw vegetables and sesame barA slice of melon and pure peanut butterYogurt and a seasonal fruitA seasonal fruit + lupinsRaw vegetables and pumpkin seed barA slice of melon and pure cashew butter
LUNCHSpaghetti with pesto trapaneseRisotto with chicory and walnutsPenne pasta with lentil raguBoiled potato saladCherry tomato, pine nut and olive pastaShrimp and zucchini risottoPasta alla carbonara
SNACKPuddingBerries and choice of yogurtA seasonal fruit and lupinsFruit ice-creamSweet ricottaYogurt and seasonal fruit Smoothie of your choice
DINNERAubergine rolls and boiled eggsSteamed brocoli and cream of pea soupMangetout in the pan and fresh goat’s cheeseCabbage pieChickpea flatbread and stewed chickoryTurnip and beetroot crisps with cannellini hummus and croutonsRustic focaccia

* Les recettes qui sont disponibles sont en vert.